Monday, September 27, 2010

easy feelings

In an earlier blog, I was having some guilty feelings of having to put my older brother into an adult care center.  But I have done it and am now finding out that he is doing lots better than I expected him to.  He has lived at home for over 30 years under the care of my late father and this is the first time that he has been anywhere other than our home. 

I really thought he would have a hard time adjusting to life away from here but I went to visit him today and found out that he is doing very fine.  He actually looks more happy than when he was living at home.  He has several people around him that are also in the care center and they all interact with each other.  I think this is why he is doing better than I originally thought he would.   My worries have been relieved.  Now he is in more capable hands than mine.  Now I hope he can keep these easy feelings going for a long time.